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June Lay M S,: It's Not a Diet, It's Creative Eating! : Featuring a Salad a Day

It's Not a Diet, It's Creative Eating! : Featuring a Salad a Day


This is Not a Diet. THIS is CREATIVE Eating, a new way of eating, thinking and behaving to lose weight. In June's opinion, eating is among our greatest sources of pleasure aside from it being a necessity. "Food Feeds our Senses" and it does from our sight, smell, taste, and texture when we eat. Yet, too many of us are at odds with food. We love food, yet feel controlled by it. It arouses fear, anxiety, and a host of negative emotions along with the short pleasure it gives us. Too many of us are afraid to obsess about food, yet we do. Too many of us have learned to feed our emotions with food, and June tells her clients that if overeating didn't have so many drawbacks, it would make a great coping tool. Today, women are more concerned with their health, weight, and appearance than ever before, and girls are starting to diet earlier than ever before. We're bombarded with more nutrition information, diets and gimmicks than ever before. Hence too many of us are more confused than ever before about how to lose weight and keep it off. Not all diets are equal, nor do most diets lead to permanent weight loss. Many diets are unhealthy. We turn to doctors for credibility, or fitness gurus who look the part, both leading us down a path that may or may not be credible. Not all diets are satisfying either, and just the word "diet" can stir up cravings for the most high calorie foods. June has witnessed this with some of her clients eating foods that they don't really love just because they are "the restricted foods" She has heard clients tell her that they avoid certain foods known for their health benefits when they do want to feed an emotional craving or celebrate, because healthy foods don't meet a forbidden purpose. She wrote, "It's in Our Perception," specifically addressing this. June herself remembers always being on a diet up until about a decade ago. "It's a Process" she states. Like so many young women, she had an ideal body in mind when she was a teen. In fact, as she tells her story, her reader will learn how at the age of 16, she took drugs to lose. She spent much of her adult life on a diet trying to have the body in the magazine, until she found a way of creative eating. "A Salad a Day," forms the basis of her program. It maintains her weight, she feels really good about it, and best yet, it is not a diet, a traditional one that is. In her words, "I'm pleased to say that I'd like to share my personal journey along with my professional experience so that the process of finding a way of losing is much shorter for my readers than it was for me." June has worked with women from 10 Lbs. to over 100 Lbs. overweight, and she knows the ups and downs of finding a permanent weight. She tells clients, "I have rarely met a woman who feels great about her body including women who are not overweight, and so for my readers who struggle with weight issues, I understand. I was overweight myself, and I prove that it is never too late to start the change process." She also dispels some of the biggest misconceptions about weight loss, by presenting scientific based evidence versus the fiction. "And I am a role model for women of all ages; the biggest changes in my body didn't begin until after 40"! "I've compiled my best tips and more, to share how, without dieting. I call it "Creative Eating." I consider eating an art, and finding a way to eat to lose as a challenge, hence "It's Not a Diet," It's Creative Eating." I've written this book so that it may be read cover to cover as well as read by individual chapters that stand -alone to be used as a tool when needed."

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Author: June Lay M S,
Number of Pages: 314 pages
Published Date: 19 Nov 2009
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Country: Parker CO, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781432743598
Download Link: Click Here

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