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Paul Ellsworth,: Tai Chi Chuan Silk Reeling Exercises

Tai Chi Chuan Silk Reeling Exercises


Silk Reeling exercises can be used as warm-ups to doing Tai Chi. Known as "Chan Si Ching," translated "Silk Reeling Spiraling Power." Most agree came from the Chen family village (China). Developed centuries ago with the intention: improving internal chi & maintain excellent health. A primary focus: conditioning through whole body movement based on the "Circle" & retraining the body-mind-spirit connection to unify in all things done. Best of all, requires little space & can be done practically anywhere. However, it is recommended to seek training from a properly qualified teacher. This book is intended to supplement "live" teaching, unless otherwise unavailable. Or, to refresh, the knowledge of these specific exercises. Designed to limber & strengthen the joints, & circulating the internal "Chi"; can stand on their own merit, for those that do not wish to learn a traditional Tai Chi form; can be used as "conditioning" in a regular exercise plan. This is a "Literal" explanation on how to do each of these exercises. All exercises are done standing up. (NOTE: The material covered in this book does not delve into the philosophical or metaphysical aspects of qigong. The Font size of print is deliberately increased so the reader can read the instructions in the book, while doing the exercises.)

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Author: Paul Ellsworth,
Number of Pages: 58 pages
Published Date: 08 May 2008
Publisher: On Demand Publishing, LLC-Create Space
Publication Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9780971000315
Download Link: Click Here

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