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[FREE] The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology : 3r

Kevin Kunz,Barbara K Kunz,: The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology : 3rd Revision

The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology : 3rd Revision


The best made better-this, the Third Edition of The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology, up-dates with new materials the classic text that launched the reflexology industry in 1980. Both a reference work and a teaching tool, best-selling The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology (Third Edition) includes fully illustrated tools about reflexology's: history, theory, charts, how to do techniques, and follow-along step-by-step instructions for how to provide a session. A newly expanded section serves as an illustrated reference for where to apply techniques for 90 specific health concerns such as diabetes, heart and constipation. New here is how to become a reflexology sleuth, deciphering the foot through the eyes of the reflexology chart. The reflexology chart comes alive as you are lead through observation of each part of the foot and consideration of each reflex area as projected onto the foot. Follow-along instructions provide step-by-step guidance. Photographs of real feet, real people are included for comparison to feet you observe. Also included and usable for reference are characteristics of each reflex area enabling you to determine the stress of each part of the body such as kidneys, heart, lungs, and brain.

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Author: Kevin Kunz,Barbara K Kunz,
Number of Pages: 242 pages
Published Date: 03 Dec 2010
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Country: North Charleston SC, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781456431082
Download Link: Click Here

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