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The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy download pdf, epub

Mercedes Lackey,: The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy

The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy


"The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy "contains the three groundbreaking, award-winning novels that established Mercedes Lackey as a fantasy tour-de-force and her Kingdom of Valdemar as a place millions of readers returned to again and again. This Lambda Award-winning trilogy tells the story of Vanyel, persecuted and abused son of a Valdemaran noble, who finds acceptance at Haven when he is Chosen by the Companion Yfandes. Companions like Yfandes are magical horse-like beings with the power to communicate and bond with their Chosen, and trigger the potential for psychic abilities and magic. But Vanyel discovers other things about himself at Haven as well . He discovers love in an unexpected place, and loses it, and nearly his own life. With Yfandes and his aunt, Herald Savil, he will travel to the home of the mysterious Hawkbrothers in search of healing and training, and will grow from a troubled and heartbroken Trainee to become the most powerful Herald-Mage in the history of Valdemar and the one hope for Valdemar against an implacable foe bent on eradicating magic from the Kingdom entirely"

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Author: Mercedes Lackey,
Number of Pages: 880 pages
Published Date: 02 Feb 2016
Publisher: DAW BOOKS
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780756411381
Download Link: Click Here

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